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Welcome to The Aviation Codes Central Web Site

This web site has been setup to help you cut through the jungle of all those codes and abbreviations used in and around the Airline Industry. Whether it be an Aircraft Type Code in a printed timetable or an Airline Code in online Booking system or on your ticket this site has been designed to help you find out what that code stands for. So if you want to know what type of Aircraft an AB6 is that your bookings says you will be flying on or what Airport YYZ is that you are flying from or to, this is the place to look.

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Recent Airline Code Updates

I9 AEY Air Italy - Ceased operations.
H8 JMR Chilejet - Ceased operations.
WAF Air Flamenco - Company name change.
IG ISS Air Italy - Company name change.
CLF Centreline - Company name change.
LF VTE Contour Aviation - Company name change.
DCH DC Aviation Switzerland - Company name change.
BF FBU French bee - Company name change.
LDM LaudaMotion - Company name change.
NPT West Atlantic UK - Company name change.
NG NAD Al Naser Wings - IATA Airline Code added.
D9 DAI Dena Airways - IATA Airline Code added.
OE LDM LaudaMotion - IATA Airline Code added.
MJ MyWay Airlines - IATA Airline Code added.
R9 SSB Suasa Airlines - IATA Airline Code added.
SR SDR Sundair - IATA Airline Code added.
FO FBD Flybondi - IATA and ICAO desigantors added.
NR MHK Al-Naser Airlines - IATA designator changed.
4P REGIONAL Sky - IATA designator changed.
RGR Avior Regional - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
BKV Bukovyna - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
CCE Cairo Aviation - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
SGO Cardiff Aviation Malta - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
AMB DRF - Stiftung Luftrettung Gemeinnuetzige AG - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
EXA Execaire - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
GW GoFly Tours - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
SSJ Krasavia - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
SVB SiAvia - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
ZOM Zoom Air - IATA designator recalled / Cancelled.
MUC Air Munich Aviation - ICAO Airline Code added.
APV Air Philip - ICAO Airline Code added.
AKP Askaria Air Pakistan - ICAO Airline Code added.
CFL Bromma Air Maintenance - ICAO Airline Code added.
MVP Corporate Air Travel - ICAO Airline Code added.
EXH Executive Helicopters - ICAO Airline Code added.
GME GM Helicopters - ICAO Airline Code added.
GNF Green Flag Aviation - ICAO Airline Code added.
KJE Kapajet - ICAO Airline Code added.
3Q KCH KC International Airlines - ICAO Airline Code added.
LDX LaudaMotion Executive - ICAO Airline Code added.
NHE Nord Helikopter - ICAO Airline Code added.
BNY Norfolk Island Airlines - ICAO Airline Code added.
GJA NorthStar Air Tours - ICAO Airline Code added.
ORT Ortac AOC Ltd. - ICAO Airline Code added.
RYS Ryanair Sun - ICAO Airline Code added.
HYN Shenzhen Funian Jet Aviation - ICAO Airline Code added.
KTR SkyAviaTrans - ICAO Airline Code added.
SBB Skybridge International Balkan - ICAO Airline Code added.
VSL Skyjet MG - ICAO Airline Code added.
YEL Summit Aviation - ICAO Airline Code added.
LTU TFC Flugbetrieb Und - Technik Beratungsgesellschaft mbH - ICAO Airline Code added.
IYC Thebe Ingenieria y Consultoria - ICAO Airline Code added.
CTB Thomas Cook Airlines Balearics - ICAO Airline Code added.
TCN Thomas Cook Aviation - ICAO Airline Code added.
VLM VLM Regional - ICAO Airline Code added.
WUK Wizz Air UK - ICAO Airline Code added.
AXG Air X Germany - ICAO Callsign added.
OB BOV Boliviana de Aviacion - ICAO Callsign added.
Challenges Aviation - ICAO Callsign added.
BLUairways - New Airline codes pending.
flyBosnia - New Airline codes pending.
D4 DAT Dart Limited - Suspended Operations.
BXA Bexair - Website URL added.
FTR Finist'air - Website URL added.
3X* Premier Trans Aire - Website URL added.
TFX Toll Aviation - Website URL added.

Latest News

The Official Bulgarian Civil Aircraft Register URL has been updated 24 January 2018. (MS Excel download.)
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